Why should I compete?

Participants have reported that the Fiscal Challenge is a once in a lifetime experience. You learn just as much, if not more, than an upper level econ course, while having fun and making a difference. For the finalists, a trip to Capitol Hill and meeting top thinkers in the policy field is a thrill. Regardless of whether your team makes it to the finals, your resume will thank you for participating.

How do I compete?

Form a team with students at your school. Alternatively, if you do not have students at your school with which to form a team, we can match you with students at other schools. Once you have formed a team, register your team with us, by emailing our list-serv admin@fiscalchallenge.org. Spend the remaining time until the deadline writing your proposal. Submit the final proposal to us at admin@fiscalchallenge.org. We will select the finalists, who will be flown to D.C. to present and defend their proposal.

What’s in a good proposal?

There is no secret formula. With that being said, a good proposal will have sound economic policy suggestions that fall in line with the judging rubric. Beyond that, a good proposal will also define the current budget landscape and identify the potential challenges to their policy suggestions. See below for what the judges look for.

How are teams judged?

Every proposal will be judged according to the following criteria: the team’s understanding of the current fiscal situation, the depth and breadth of the team’s analysis, the creativity of the proposal, and the presentation and teamwork.

Where do we start?

Once your team is registered, you will receive regular updates with useful resources by our team.
We also suggest visiting the CBO website and reviewing the CBO’s budget and economic outlook.