Can you put the U.S. on a sustainable fiscal path?

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Team Registration

2016-2017 National Champions Photos See videos from the competition on our YouTube!

  • University of Notre Dame: Adam Kulam, Cole Folwell, Grace Campanile, Emily Merola, Michael Dang, Jason Zinn, Jason Reed (advisor), Forrest Spence (adivsor) Presentation 

2016-2017 Finalists

  • Harvard University: Samuel Huang, Amy Zhao, Christopher Cruz  Presentation
  • Northeastern University: Elizabeth Platonova, Erin Thornton, Andre Kirunda, Garry Canepa, Paul Molander, Christopher Roughan  Presentation

2015-2016 National Champions

  • Harvard University: Eric Yang, Lukas Althoff, Jessica Li, Kavi Patel, Richard He Presentation

2015-2016 Finalists

  • University of Tübingen: Lukas Heinzmann, Laura Baiker, Georg Thunecke Presentation
  • Northeastern University: Alexander Arnst, Daniel Miller, Jeyshri Sundaram, Michael Mani, Michael Spoleti, Matthew Famiglietti
  • Presentation

2015-2016 Honorable Mentions

  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Yu Jung Han, Jialing Jiang, Justin Cole 
  • Northwestern University: Yujiao Guo, Jingqi Chen 
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Dean Murphy, Tyler Tirpak, Mijal Bucay, Dashiell Mace, Jesse Meredith 

2014-2015 National Champions

  • Clemson University: Dylan Bargar, Jason Marshall, Kaitlin Matheson, Rebecca Moore, Darby Voisin;Presentation

2014-2015 Finalists

  • Team 105: Mijal Bucay, Thatchinamoorthy Krshnan, Woo Sheng Ong
  • Team 109: Dylan Bargar, Jason Marshall, Kaitlin Matheson, Rebecca Moore, Darby Voisin
  • Team 110: Dashiell Mace, Dean Murphy
  • Team 111: Jessica Jiang, Ben Zhao, James Zhu

2013-2014 Champion

  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill